JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection Kit

The AmoyDx JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection Kit is a superior sensitive and selective assay for the detection of the V617F of JAK2 g ene.

BRAF-V600E_Mutation_Detection_KitMPD (myeloproliferative disorders) mainly include PV (polycythemia vera), ET (Essential Thrombocythemia) and IMF (idiopathic myelofibrosis). It has been proved that approximately 90% PV, 50% ET and IMP patients contains JAK2 V617F mutation. In the amended 2008 WHO catalog system, the null mutation of JAK2 becomes the main diagnostics indicator of MPD. Thus, the mutation detection of JAK2 could be used on the MPD diagnostics.

Intended Use: For research purpose use only. This kit is used to detect the JAK2 V617F mutation in the DNA samples.

Technological Principles: The JAK2 V617F mutation kit employs real-time PCR format combined with patent technology-“mutation specific amplification technology”, to detect mutations in DNA samples, which reaches the high specificity and high sensitivity of the rare mutation detection.

AmoyDx JAK2 V617F Mutation Test Kits are available in different sizes:

Product Name Size (test/Kit) Storage Cat. No.
JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection Kit 24t -20 ° C ADx-JA01
JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection Ki 48t -20 ° C ADx-JA02
JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection Kit 96t -20 ° C ADx-JA03