PDGFRA D842V Mutation Detection Kit

The AmoyDx PDGFRA D842V Mutation Detection Kit is a sensitive and selective assay for the detection of the D842V PDGFRA gene.

BRAF-V600E_Mutation_Detection_KitAlpha-type platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFRA) is a member of the type III tyrosine kinase family, and is encoded by the PDGFRA gene. PDGFRA is highly expressed in gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs), and mutations of the PDGFRA gene found in GISTs cause aberrant signaling that is associated with cancer. A point mutation in amino acid 842 in PDGFRA gene confers resistance to Gleevec. Thus, detection and analysis of gene mutations of PDGFRA have become a standard of care for patients diagnosed with GIST.

Intended Use: For research purpose use only. This kit is used to detect the PDGFRA D842V mutation in the DNA samples.

Technological Principles: The PDGFRA D842V mutation kit employs real-time PCR format combined with patented “mutation specific amplification technology” to detect mutations in DNA samples.

AmoyDx PDGFRA D842V Mutation Test Kits are available in different sizes:

Product Name Size (test/Kit) Storage Cat. No.
PDGFRA D842V Mutation Detection Kit 24t -20 ° C ADx-PD01
PDGFRA D842V Mutation Detection Kit 48t -20 ° C ADx-PD02
PDGFRA D842V Mutation Detection Kit 96t -20 ° C ADx-PD03