TP53 Six Mutations Detection Kit

The AmoyDx TP53 Six Mutations Detection Kit is a sensitive and selective assay for the detection of six mutations in the TP53 gene.

Wild-type TP53 gene can inhibit the transcription of multi-drug resistant protein and decrease the generation of multi-drug resistant protein. The mutant TP53 gene could enhance the gene expression of multi-drug resistance. The mutant TP53 gene is considered as a novel resistance-related gene. As reported by scientific research, the TP53 mutation associates with the resistance of tumor cells to platinum-based chemotherapy drugs, but cannot affect the sensitivity to taxol drugs. Thus, the TP53 gene mutation detection could be used on directing the clinical drug usage of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy.

Intended Use: For research purpose use only. This kit is used to detect six mutations in TP53 in the DNA samples.

Technological Principles: The TP53 six mutations kit employs real time PCR format combined with patent technology-“mutation specific amplification technology”, to detect mutations in DNA samples, which reaches the high specificity and high sensitivity of the rare mutation detection.

The TP53 six mutations kit enables detection of the following mutations against a background of wild-type genomic DNA.

Product Name Size (test/Kit) Storage Cat. No.
TP53 Six Mutation Detection Kit 16t -20 ° C ADx-P01