TYMS Gene Expression Analysis Kit

The AmoyDx TYMS Gene Expression Analysis Kit is a superior sensitive and selective assay for the analysis of TYMS gene expression level.

TYMS gene locates on chromosome 18, the coded TYMS is the key enzyme of DNA synthesis, and it plays an important role in the DNA synthesis and restoration. It is one of the effective enzymes in the folate metabolism and circulation, and it is the target enzyme of 5-FU based chemotherapy. 5-Fu has the cytotoxicity only if it converts to corresponding nucleotide analog. Clinical studies show, within the various cancer patients, including the ones with colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and HNSCC, patients with low TYMS gene expression level received more effective treatment through fluorinated chemotherapy. Thus, the quantitative assessment of TYMS gene expression could predict the efficacy of fluorinated chemotherapy on cancer patients.

Intended Use: For research purpose use only. This kit is used to analysis the TYMS gene expression level in the RNA samples.

Technological Principles: The TYMS Gene Expression Analysis Kit employs real time PCR format combined with patent technology-“mutation specific amplification technology”, to quantitative assess the gene expression level in RNA samples, which reaches the high specificity and high sensitivity of the analysis.

AmoyDx TYMS Gene Expression Analysis Kit is available in the following size

Product Name Size (test/Kit) Storage Cat. No.
TYMS Gene Expression Analysis Kit 24t -20 ° C ADx-TY01