Recombinant E.coli 30S ribosomal protein S19 protein

Product Type: Recombinant protein
Product Name: Recombinant E.coli 30S ribosomal protein S19 protein
Code: CSB-RP086774Ba
Size: 1mg/500ug/200ug/50ug/10ug
Relevance: In the E.coli 70S ribosome in the initiation state (Ref.10) it has been modeled to contact the 23S rRNA of the 50S subunit forming part of bridge B1a; this bridge is broken in the model with bound EF-G. The 23S rRNA contact site in bridge B1a is modeled t
Mol Weight: 16 KD
Product Info: HIS-tagged
Source: E.coli derived
Purity: 90%
Tested Applications: SDS-PAGE, ELISA
Storage Buffer: 20mM Tris-Hcl, 0.5M NaCl, 10% glycerin, PH 8.0?200 mM Imidazole
Storage: Store at -20?, for extended storage, conserve at -20? or -80?.
Notes: Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4? for up to one week.
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