Chicken IL8 Primer Pair 2

Product Type: Primer Pairs for RT-PCR
Product Name: Chicken IL8 Primer Pair 2
Code: CSB-PP157821C
Size: 25 Test
Description: Chicken IL8 Primer Pair 2 for RT-PCR (reverse transcription followed by polymerase chain reaction) analysis of mRNA expression.
Product Length: 679bp
Accession Number: NM_204335
Application Areas: RT-PCR
Storage: The Primer Pair is stable for up to one year at -20 C in a non-frost free freezer. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Quality Control: Primer Pairs for RT-PCR provide convenient primers for analyzing the expression of specific mRNAs or got specific PCR fragment by RT-PCR. Each Primer Pair includes a 5´ and 3´ oligonucleotide primer provided in individual vials at 50?M ready f
Technical Hints: Thaw all reagents completely on ice before use. Use either random primers or oligo (dT) for reverse transcription. All PCR reactions should be assembled on ice. The recommended annealing temperature is 52 C. To minimize the risk of amplicon contamin
Gene Name: IL8
Synonyms: CEF4, CXCL8, EMF1